Three more areas in Myanmar 's western State of Rakhine, namely Thandwe, Kyaukphyu and Ramree, were placed under a dusk to dawn curfew on June 10 by the Myanmar authorities.

The curfews were imposed following renewed rioting, which has spread from Maungtaw where the curfew is already in place, according to Myanmar State Radio and Television.

The curfew, which bans groups of more than five people, is from 6pm to 6am and will remain in place until further notice.

A statement released by the authorities called for people to cooperate with the government to maintain peace and stability in order to ensure law and order in these areas.

Despite a relative calm in Maungtaw, signs of renewed unrest and violence still exist and Myanmar ’s navy has been patrolling the country’s territorial waters west of Maungtaw to prevent insurgents from entering the area.

The outbreak of unrest in Maungtaw on June 8 comes shortly after last weeks bloody clashes, which saw three Bengali-Muslims accused of raping and killing an ethnic Rakhinese woman in the village of Kyauknimaw on May 28 and 10 Muslims beaten to death in Taunggup by an unidentified mob on June 3.

The Myanmar Government has formed a committee to investigate the recent outbreaks of violence.-VNA