Military Zone 9 held a ceremony in Cambodia’s Kampong Chhnang province on June 30 to receive the remains of 19 Vietnamese voluntary soldiers who died in Cambodia during wartime.

Addressing the ceremony, Deputy Political Commissioner of Military Zone 9 Major General Phan Hoang Thu said the recovery of the remains was a joint effort of the K90 search team of Military Zone 9 and authorities and locals of Kampong Chhnang since November last year.

He thanked the government, soldiers and locals of Cambodia and Kampong Chnnang in particular for supporting the K90 team to search for the remains of Vietnamese martyrs in Cambodia .

Meanwhile, Kampong Chhnang Governor Khua Chandoun expressed his gratitude to the Vietnamese Party, Government, military and people for helping Cambodia to defeat the Pol Pot genocide regime with the historical victory on January 1, 1979.

He lauded the coordination of the K90 team and Cambodia in searching for the remains. He also believed the two sides would continue promoting affiliations in all search plans agreed upon by leaders of both countries.

Total remains of Vietnamese specialists and volunteer soldiers repatriated from Cambodia between the 2001-2002 dry season and 2014-2015 dry season were 6,374. Of the figure, the K90 search team gathered 1,613 sets of remains, 262 of which were found in Kampong Chhnang province.

According to the Joint Special Committee of Vietnam and Cambodia , more than 4,500 Vietnamese specialists and volunteer soldiers who lost their lives in Cambodian battlefields remain unfound.

On June 29 in Kandal province, Military Zone 9 and Kandal also held a ceremony to hand over 16 sets of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers to the Vietnamese side.-VNA