The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has decided to boost the application of post-harvest technology in agricultural production to be able to gain stronger foothold in global markets, the Vietnam Economic News reported.

Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan said post-harvest preservation and processing technology is an important phase to improve product quality and competitiveness of agricultural products.
The project on application of post-harvest technology in producing surimi for export has brought an encouraging result. This project aimed at exporting surimi to hard-to-please markets like Japan (100 tonnes) and the Republic of Korea (over 6,000 tonnes) at a price of 1,750 USD per tonne.

Project director Le Duc Manh said “in the future, products of the project will surely be exported to Europe and countries in other regions.”

Another successful project was the application of heat pump drying to reduce tea material losses by10-15 percent compared with the old technology. This processing method met the standards regulated by the Ministry of Health. At present, these products started to be supplied to institutes of traditional medicine and medical centres nationwide. In addition, many advanced technologies in preserving woods, mushrooms, fresh milk and seafood have also been applied and produced good results.

The MOST has recently carried out a project applying Japan ’s ABI group CAS preservation technology with total investment of 1 million USD. The State-of- the- art technology has provided long-time preservation capability on fresh vegetables, fruits and foodstuffs. It has also been applied on preserving Luc Ngan litchi; Hung Yen longans, Vinh oranges and Tien Giang mangoes which produced good results and ensured food hygiene and safety.

In the future, more post- harvest technologies are expected to introduce to the preservation of Vietnam’s seafood and agricultural products, as a result of it, more Vietnamese products will be exported and farmers’ earnings will be improved.-VNA