With its natural beauty and investment of local authorities, Si Thau Chai village in Tam Duong district, the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau has been becoming a spotlight in developing community-based tourism, and an ideal tourist destination.

About 40 km from Lai Chau city, Si Thau Chai village in Ho Thau commune, Tam Duong district, is home to 62 households of Dao ethnic minority people.

Situated 1,400m above sea level, Si Thau Chai has cool weather all year round.

The primitive landscape in parallel with time-honoured cultural values preserved by local people has helped turn Si Thau Thai into a charming community-based tourist destination.

 “Local people keep the area clean. It’s simple but very clean and pretty. Next time I will invite more friends to come. I’m looking forward to the next time,” said Nong Thi Sam from Lai Chau city, Lai Chau province.

Coming to the community-based tourism village, tourists have a chance to experience the daily life of locals. The model has also helped local households improve their living standards.

Tan A Diu, a Dao ethnic person from Si Thau Chai village said “Under the instruction of local authorities, we learnt the model from other villages. We keep our village clean.” The model has helped improve local living conditions, he added.

Tourists can also enjoy the picturesque Tac Tinh waterfall. Its pristine beauty was considered a stunning picture of the northwestern region.

The waterfall is part of a sad love story of a Dao ethnicity couple who loved each other so much but could not marry each other. Locals named the waterfall Tac Tinh in hope the two people could come together in the next life.

With its natural beauty, Si Thau Chai is a promising destination for anyone.-VNA