Multi-media exhibition honours Shan Tuyet tea hinh anh 1Shan Tuyet tea tree (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The first multi-media exhibition featuring Shan Tuyet tea is giving visitors a chance to try a rare kind of Vietnamese tea with senses.

Entitled Tra Art, the exhibition includes installations, drawings, animated movies, photography installations and music by six artists including Nguyen Tuong Van, Nguyen Quynh Phuong and Marcus Bowler, alongside Tran Thu Hang, Ngo Hong Quang and late illustrator and cartoonist Gerald Gorridge.

The exhibition is the fruit of a project initiated by photographer Van who is a graduate of Gobelins Paris. Van set up the Tra Art project when she was seeking inspiration for creative materials. 

Van said she found this small pack of tea called Shan Viet when I went to the market in Paris, adding it struck me as being beautiful and unique.

After researching and tasting the tea for six months Van began asking some of her artistic friends to join the project. The artists went to Cao Bo commune in Vi Xuyen district in of Ha Giang province last September. They spent a week there meeting with Shan Tuyet tea makers.

Ha Giang is one of the oldest Shan Tuyet tea areas in Vietnam. These tea trees’ buds and young leaves are covered in a thin layer of snowy hair, which gives it its name.

Van built up a portfolio of photos and recordings of the ancient tea trees, outlining their identity, and collecting portraits of the people she met throughout the trips.
Multi-media exhibition honours Shan Tuyet tea hinh anh 2One of the last paintings by late artist Gerald Gorridge. (Source: VNA)

A screen showing the photos is guarded by dozens of transparent curtains, infused with Shan Tuyet tea leaves. Visitors must pass through the curtains, which diffuse the scent of the tea.

An installation by Hang, a sculptor and a graduate of the Vietnam Fine Arts University, is also inspired by the trip to Ha Giang. She has created an installation in two parts, representing the terraced fields found in the northern regions.

The terraced fields are made from three layers of curtains, plaited by long bands of sponge which hang from the ceiling to the ground, creating a natural wavy affect. Visitors can walk through gaps in the curtains to reach the next layer of the installation.

Tree roots are made from elastic tubes, stitched together to form branches of roots.

A musical composition by Ngo Hong Quang will be dedicated to the natural landscapes of Ha Giang. The composition is mixed with sounds recorded in the province.

The exhibition will run at the French Cultural Centre in Hanoi until July 9.-VNA