Lai Xa village is the birthplace of photography in Vietnam and the hometown of many talented photographers. The photography trade flourished in Lai Xa village in the first half of the 20th century.

In 2008 Lai Xa was recognised as the only photography village in the country.

The works on display at the museum tell stories of the traditional craft of photography in Lai Xa, how local people were able to turn Lai Xa, which started as a agricultural village, into a locality mastering the trade of photography.

As up to 80% residents in Lai Xa are photographers, the museum also helps answer the questions on how they have built their trademark and how they have contributed to the country’s development of photography.

The construction of Lai Xa museum, funded by local residents, has not only helped to boost the cultural sector of the village but also brought about benefits for tourism development. The model also acts as a fine example for many other famous traditional craft villages in Vietnam.-VNA