Visitors to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on February 8-9 have a chance to discover the culture of the country’s ethnic groups through a series of art performances, folk games and traditional cuisine.

The museum’s director Vo Quang Trong said that the event aims to introduce the public to the rich folk culture as well as maintain and promote the cultural value of ethnic groups and regions across the country.

One of the highlights is the corner of central Ha Tinh province where visitors can listen to Vi-Dam folk singing and other folk songs of local ethnic groups, as well as try the central region’s specialties such as eel porridge.

The Muong ethnic culture museum in northern Hoa Binh province brought to the site Sac Bua singing, the game of Con throwing and unique dishes of the Muong.

Children can experience a variety of folk games of the ethnic minority groups such as Cong, Si La, Kho Mu, Ede, Bahnar and J’rai.-VNA