A set of tools used to hunt and tame wild elephants was presented to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on February 15 in Dak Lak province by Doctor Kham Phet Lao, the 11th son and official heir of the legendary “King of Elephants” Ama Kong.

The set includes 20 objects, which were mostly made more than 100 years ago, such as rods, rope, wood hammers and hunting horns.

During his career, master mahout Amo Kong caught 298 forest elephants, which were then tamed to serve production, daily activities and even help fight in the country’s two resistance wars.

“I present this set of tools to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology as I want to preserve a cultural identity which, I’m afraid will fade away in the future,” said Kham Phet Lao.

The family of Kham Phet Lao is now keeping two other sets of tools left by their ancestors. They plan to sell them at auction for charitable activities.-VNA