A musical on the work of the Vietnam People's Navy will be staged next week in Ho Chi Minh City as part of the city's cultural activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army (December 22).

The 90-minute work, titled Cay Bang Vuong (Malabar Almond Tree), is being directed by Hoa Ha in cooperation with choreographer Le Viet of the HCM City Theatre, one of the region's leading State-owned art troupes, belonging to Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The city government spent 200 million VND (9,500 USD) on the production.

Based on a script by Tran Kim Khoi, the musical is about the lives and work of young navy soldiers.

The musical has attracted nearly 50 young theatre actors and singers, including Linh Son, Minh Quan, Ba Cuong and Tien Nam, Hong Hanh and Quoc Dai.

More than 20 skilled dancers from the Phuong Viet Dance Troupe are featured.

"We wanted to spotlight the brave soldiers' remarkable work for keeping our sea peaceful while there are still so many challenges," said Ha, who spent three months preparing the musical.

Ha said that the Navy had offered support that helped the actors perform their roles.

The highlights will be the songs Gan Lam Truong Sa (Truong Sa Is Close), Noi Dao Xa (Faraway Islands) and To Quoc Nhin Tu Bien (The Homeland-Islands), written by composers who took fact-finding tours to Truong Sa (Spratly Islands).

"I faced challenges in singing musical theatre. But I found myself in the new field," said 22-year-old pop singer Minh Quan, who played a soldier in the work.

"Some people think our young actors do not have enough experience and vocal power to sing a musical. But we will provide them with something new in the style of music, dance and performance, instead of just our forte in pop."

Quan and his colleagues have worked with Captain Kieu Dinh Dat of the Naval Brigade 125 to perfect their acting.

"I'm very happy to help young actors. Through their work, I hope audiences will learn more about our work," said Dat.

The musical Cay Bang Vuong will be staged on December 22 night at the HCM City Theatre.-VNA