Musical project to raise voice against child molestation hinh anh 1Singer and song-writer Trang Phap has launched a musical project, to protest child sexual abuse. (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA)
- Six renowned mothers in Vietnamese showbiz will join hands in a musical project launched by songwriter-singer Trang Phap to protest child sexual abuse.

Entitled Dung De Con Mot Minh (Don’t Let Your Children Alone), the project aims to enhance awareness about child sexual abuse and seek solutions to protect children from a social evil that has been emerging in recent years.

The project includes a song composed by Trang Phap, Dung De Con Mot Minh, a music video, viral videos and clips featuring the famous mothers, who will be seen sharing information on ways to protect children and ensure their safety.

Six mothers, Hong Nhung, Thu Minh, Doan Trang, Thao Trang, Tra My Idol, Truong Quynh Anh, together with Trang Phap, will become representatives of the project by lending their voices and using their influence to jointly contribute to the efforts to protect children.

“I have nurtured the idea for the project for a long time,” said Trang Phap, the project initiator. “I have read about and shed tears on the plight of many children who were sexually abused. Many Vietnamese parents tend to consider sex as a sensitive issue and avoid talking about it with their children, which consequently leads to the children’s lack of knowledge about sex. As a result, they are more likely to become victims of sexual predators.”

“I have cancelled all my personal musical projects, since early this year, to concentrate on this one. I hope that its message, ‘Don’t Leave Your Children Be Alone’, will reach everyone and improve people’s awareness about the seriousness of this social evil and provide vital practical knowledge on how to protect the children,” she added.

The musical video of the song Dung De Con Mot Minh was officially released on June 6.-VNA