A dance performance based on the Vietnamese epic love story between My Chau and Trong Thuy will debut on June 2 at the municipal Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City, featuring dancers from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea (RoK).

According to the legend, An Duong Vuong, the King of Au Lac state, received help to build Co Loa citadel from the Holy Turtle, who offered the King his claw to make a magic cross-bow which could kill thousands in one shot, saving the country from aggressive invaders from the North.

At the time, Trieu Da was the Lord of the rival state Nam Hai that bordered Au Lac in the North. After failing to invade his neighbours on numerous occasions, he sent his son, Prince Trong Thuy, to negotiate a peace treaty and ask for the hand of Princess My Chau, An Duong Vuong’s daughter, in marriage.

My Chau carelessly told her new husband about the cross-bow, who stole it and replaced it with a fake one, leading to a devastating defeat against Nam Hai.

Fleeing his enemies, King An Duong spotted his daughter leaving a trail of goose feathers for Trong Thuy to follow. The King pulled out his sword and beheaded My Chau. Trong Thuy found My Chau shortly after and, overwhelmed with grief, drowned himself in a well in Co Loa citadel.

A Korean book about the Three Kingdoms era features a similar folk tale about the love story between Princess Nakrang and Prince Hodong, who were both members of rival dynasties. Princess Nakrang surrendered her Kingdom to the enemy by destroying its mystical war drum. The Prince and Princess were both killed.

Choreographed by Korean dancer Chun Yoo Oh, the dance performance entitled “Cay No” (Cross-Bow) was inspired by the lives of the two countries’ princesses. It features traditional Korean dance moves and the Vietnamese ballet, and is performed by 10 dancers from the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera.

The choreographer plans to launch a new dance show in early December this year, which was inspired by the two countries’ histories.

Chun Yoo Oh has been living in Vietnam for 10 years. Through her works, she wishes to highlight the RoK and Vietnam’s similar cultural aspects.

She used to be a dance professor at Seowon University in the RoK. Last year, her dance show “Arirang Saigon” was well-received by local experts and audiences.-VNA