Myanmar arrests 31 terrorist suspects hinh anh 1Myanmar border police in Ngayantchaung village, Buthidaung town, Rakhine state (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Hanoi,  (VNA)Myanmar security forces have arrested 31 terrorist suspects in Maungtaw town in the northern state of Rakhine, the Myanmar News Agency reported on July 24.

According to the security forces, the suspects were arrested when gathering at a secret meeting in Kyauk Hlaykha village to prepare for terrorism acts. They are under investigation to ascertain whether they are connected with any terrorist organisation.

A day earlier, the Myanmar security forces also seized nine people suspected of murdering a local official in Buthidaung town in Rakhine state on July 4.

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The country’s security forces have been put on high alert after a series of violent acts have happened in Buthidaung and Maungtaw since last October, killing at least 44 civilians while 27 others were kidnapped by armed men. Hundreds of Rakhine ethnic minority people have fled from the area.

According to a report of the National Security Advisor on the security situation in Rakhine, the military has found further evidence of extreme activities in recent weeks with tunnels, guns and a terrorist training camp being uncovered in Buthidaung-Maungtaw area's Mayu Mountain.-VNA