The Myanmar army captured 102 foreigners and 20 Myanmar nationals on January 6 for cutting timber illegally in the state of Kachin near the Myanmar-Chinese border, according to the country’s Ministry of Defence.

The army also seized 436 trucks carrying logs, 14 trailer trucks, stimulant drugs, raw opium, and Chinese currency during a three-day operation, the ministry said, declining to provide the nationalities of the foreign detainees.

Recent efforts to curb timber smuggling were attributed to Myanmar’s success in reducing the volume of timber illegally cut down.

In April, 2014, the country banned the exports of timber with a view of curbing deforestation and boosting the domestic wood processing industry.

Myanmar’s forest coverage dropped from 57.9 percent in 1990 to 47.6 percent in 2005, according to the newest official data.-VNA