Myanmar held a military parade and mass procession on January 4 to celebrate the country's 67 th Independence Day for the first time in more than five decades.

Addressing at the ceremony, President U Thein Sein stressed the need to achieve stability and socio-economic development which are the two major aspirations of the people.

He called for strengthened efforts to realise internal peace and urged political forces to come together to bring the reform process to a new level and overcome challenges.
He also reiterated Myanmar 's active, independent and non-aligned foreign policy, appealing for the unity of all nationalities to realise the country's development goals.

The President highlighted the all-round achievements of the ongoing political reform process, citing a political culture from national reconciliation and peace talk efforts.

Last year, Myanmar demonstrated its capability by shouldering the responsibility of the ASEAN Chair and implementing political reform successfully, winning greater trust from the international community.-VNA