An international workshop on the East Sea was held in Yangon , Myanmar on April 24.

Co-organised by the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies and India’s Stratcore Group, the event attracted more than 150 Myanmar officials and researchers from the US, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In his opening remarks, Myanmar Deputy Foreign Minister U Thant Kyaw said that the conference aims to provide full, accurate and objective information on East Sea disputes, maritime challenges to ASEAN and its stability, as well as the role of the association and countries in and outside the region in addressing the disputes.

It also offered a chance for scientists, researchers and members of the public to together discuss solutions to the disputes, contributing to protecting an environment of peace and maritime security in the East Sea in particular.

At the event, ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh affirmed the role and responsibility of ASEAN in promoting the peaceful settlement of East Sea disputes, especially its determination to accelerate the signing of a Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC).

Presentations delivered at the seminar focused on analysing recent East Sea disputes between China and some ASEAN countries, the irrationality of China ’s nine-dot line claim, and maritime security challenges in the sea.

Scholars stressed the need to solve the East Sea disputes by peaceful means, including the signing and enforcement of the COC.

They also highlighted the role and responsibility of the international community and concerned countries in and outside the region in protecting peace and security in the East Sea.

As the largest of its kind held in Myanmar since it assumed the ASEAN Chair early this year, the workshop played an important role in promoting ASEAN consensus and solidarity against maritime security challenges in the East Sea as well as peace and stability in the region.-VNA