Myanmar President U Thein Sein on April 14 called for efforts to put an end to disagreements, conflicts, and instability in the country and achieve peace, prosperity, happiness, and stability in the new year.

He made the call when delivering a radio and television speech on the occasion of Myanmar’s traditional water festival, Thingyan, to welcome the new year.

Thein Sein noted that as a country with multi races, religions, and ideologies coexist harmoniously, Myanmar is building a more transparent society, while working hard to deal with difficulties, crisis, and challenges.

He called on people to keep vigilant against internal and external negative and terrorist elements who are attempting to incite fresh conflicts racially and religiously based on the past year’s events.

Myanmar's four-day water festival, started on April 13, will see local people throw water at each other to symbolise the washing away of the previous year's bad deeds.-VNA