The National Assembly adopted a Resolution on the Law and Ordinance Making Programme for 2016 and Adjustments to the Law and Ordinance Making Programmes of the 13th NA Tenure and 2015 on June 9.

Under the resolution, the submission of the draft law on demonstration for discussion will be delayed from the 9th session to the 11th session while the draft law on population will be removed from the 2015 programme.

Meanwhile, several resolutions will be added to the NA working plan this year, including one on the lump sum payment of social insurance one year after stopping working. The draft revised law on import-export tariffs will go through the NA at the 10th session, among other adjustments.

The same day, Justice Minister Ha Hung Cuong delivered a report summarising public opinions and recommendations on the revised draft Civil Code.

As of May 15, approximately 8.5 million ideas and recommendations had been collected, many of which agreed that the draft Civil Code comprehensively institutionalises the Party’s viewpoints and policies defined in the socio-economic development strategy, the platform for national construction during the transition towards socialism, the strategy to improve the legal system and the judicial reform strategy.

It also realises regulations of the 2013 Constitution regarding human rights, citizen rights and building a market-oriented economic mechanism.

The government’s report further clarified the 10 issues of public interests, including the responsibilities of authorised agencies in protecting civil rights, individual’s personal rights, the subject of civil legal relations and the forms of ownership.

During the session, NA deputies also discussed the legislature’s supervision programme in 2016.-VNA