Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Nguyen Sinh Hung has suggested that the NA and the Senate of the Czech Republic need to continue bolstering mutual cooperation and support at multilateral forums.

At the reception for visiting Vice President of the Czech Senate Miluse Horska in Hanoi on October 29, Chairman Hung expressed his belief that the guest’s trip will contribute greatly to promoting ties between the two sides and legislative bodies, thanking the European nation for its valuable support for the Vietnamese course of national construction and protection.

He also asked the Czech Republic to continue to aid Vietnam in furthering its ties with the European Union (EU) for the early approval of the Vietnam-EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement as well as more negotiations to reach a Free Trade Agreement.

Vietnam, an active member of the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN), is willing to support and serve as a bridge to help the Czech Republic enhance cooperation with the bloc and its member countries, he added.

At the reception, Horska said the community of overseas Vietnamese in the Czech Republic was recognised as an ethnic minority group, which marks a milestone in the two sides’ cooperation and friendship ties.

She also voiced her wish that the two countries will continue the sharing of experience in lawmaking to further intensify cooperation between the two people.-VNA