National Assembly (NA) Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung’s election as President of the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132) is of significant importance in the Vietnam NA history, stated Tran Van Hang, Chairman of the NA Committee for External Affairs.

The NA leader, elected unanimously by the IPU Executive Committee members, will direct and engage in decision-making in discussions of the Assembly, including the major topic of “Sustainable Development Goals: Turning Words into Action” proposed by Vietnam, noted Hang.

This will promote the role of Vietnam in not only proposing discussion matters but also determining discussion contents, he said.

Hang highlighted that the election is a critical step in demonstrating the Vietnamese Party and State’s foreign policy of active and proactive international integration.

Meanwhile, it also reflects the prestige and credit of Vietnam in general and the National Assembly in particular in the international arena, stated Hang.

As an IPU member since 1979, Vietnam has actively participated in and contributed effective ideas to the union, said Hang, adding these reasons were also the foundation for choosing Vietnam to host the IPU-132.

The event is evidence of Vietnam ’s success in international integration as well as its enhanced role as a proactive and responsible member of the international community, he noted.

According to Hang, the United Nations is working to define specific standards and tasks for post-2015 sustainable development goals where parliaments play a decisive role.

The legislative bodies of the countries practice this role by designing policies and laws, and determining budget allocations to ensure the goals are implemented, Hang asserted.

The parliaments also play important role in supervising the realisation of goals while representing the voice and desires of the people through decisions and policies, Hang said, adding that the parliaments have substantial power to call for action in implementing policies.

So far, working sessions of IPU Standing Committees and the Assembly have successfully taken place, Hang noted, adding that the majority of participating delegates support Vietnam’s proposal of the IPU-132 theme as a timely and critical topic in the last year of the implementation of Millennium Development Goals and in the midst of transitioning into a new period of sustainable development.

A number of opinions have been raised towards ways to turn words into action, along with specific measures for each country.

Participants agreed that close coordination among parliaments and nations is crucial and concurred that parliaments’ proactive approach to passing policies and laws as well as addressing investment and common issues is essential to realising the goals, stated Hang.-VNA