Legislators at the 13th National Assembly (NA)’s on-going fifth session on June 18 heard reports on plans for the NA programme of law and ordinance building in 2013 and 2014, and debated the amendments to several laws.

After passing a resolution on necessary changes of the plan for the law and ordinance building programme in 2013 and 2014, the deputies discussed the revised law on practicing thrift and combating waste.

They focused on principles, basis, criteria, supervision and responsibilities of leaders and public servants in practicing thrift and combating waste, as well as mechanisms to detect and punish violations.

In the afternoon, the deputies passed the revised Law on Science and Technology.

They also discussed the amendments and supplementations to several articles of the Law on Emulation and Rewards.

On June 19, the deputies are scheduled to debate a draft law on employment and approve the Law on National Defence and Security Education and the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Relief, as well as the adjustments and supplementations to several articles of the Law on Value-Added Tax and the Law on Enterprise Income Tax.-VNA