National Assembly deputies discussed in groups the draft Law on Charges and Fees and changes to the Law on Accounting on May 29.

A majority of the deputies agreed on the need to issue a Law on Charges and Fees to replace the existing Ordinance on Charges and Fees which they said was no longer suitable for the country's economic development.

The law would create a comprehensive legal framework on applying and collecting fees that synchronises with other agencies and reforms. Some deputies said Vietnam faced difficulties in the management and utilisation of unregulated fee collections.

Deputy Tran Van Ban of Binh Dinh province said the Ordinance didn't give enough information on collecting fees, and the new law would help solve problems that arose from the lack of guidance.

Many other laws also include regulations on collecting fees. Deputies said these should be consolidated into one law.

To ensure a fully comprehensive law, the Government needed to continue reviewing and organising widespread regulations on charges and fees.

Concerning the collection, management and utilization of fees, deputies Trieu Thi Nai, Nguyen Ngoc Hai (Ha Giang) and Ho Van Nam (Dong Nai) agreed with the draft law that all fees should go to the State budget.

Concerning the revision of the draft Accounting Law, deputies said that over the last 10 years the Law on Accounting has formed an important legal framework for the country's accounting performance. It has helped the country manage finance sources effectively and standardise accounting performances nationwide.

Deputies said the country's economic development and international integration had exposed shortcomings in the existing legal system that needed to be improved.

They also asked the Government to review the implementation of laws in a comprehensive manner to ensure their longevity and stability.-VNA