The National Assembly’s Economic Committee convened its tenth plenary meeting in the northern province of Quang Ninh on April 29, focusing on assessing socio-economic development in 2013 and fostering the implementation of the 2014 plan.

According to Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dao Quang Thu, last year the country was able to fulfil 10 out of a total of 15 major targets set by the National Assembly and almost met three targets while failing to achieve two.

He affirmed that the macro economy has been gradually stabilized and inflation was put under control. The country’s GDP growth rate stood at 5.42 percent, while inflation decreased to the lowest level in the past 10 years and the investment for development totaled 1,091 trillion VND (51.2 billion USD).

During the 2011-2013 period, 180 State-owned enterprises were restructured, and citizens enjoyed continuous improvement to their living conditions, Thu said.

However, he pointed out several shortcomings, including low competitiveness, high State budget overspending and unsustainable poverty reduction progress.

Thu said that this year the government is continuing to stabilise its macro economy, curb inflation, raise the competitiveness of the economy and ensure social welfare.

During the meeting, participants focused their attention on issues related to public debt, wasted investment and difficulties faced by domestic businesses.

They also stressed the need to restructure agriculture towards modernisation.-VNA