The laws on Deposit Insurance, Anti Money Laundering, Tertiary Education, Tobacco Control and the revised Labour Code were passed on June 18, obtaining high percentage of votes, at the on-going session of the 13th National Assembly (NA).

The Law on Deposit Insurance only allows insurance for deposit in Vietnamese dong (VND) by individuals.

Meanwhile, the Law on Anti Money Laundering stipulates that the prevention of money laundering activities to finance terrorism will be implemented under the regulations of this law, the Penal Code as well as legal regulations on anti-terrorism.

The Tertiary Education Law grants higher education establishments the right of self-control at the maximum level suitable for their capacity.

In the meantime, the Law on Tobacco Control prohibits people under 18 years old from using, selling and buying cigarettes.

The revised Labour Code allows female workers to take six months of maternity leave when having a baby, including a maximum two months prior to the delivery date.-VNA