The 14th session of the National Assembly Standing Committee commenced in Hanoi on January 14 under the chair of Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung.

During the three-day meeting, the committee will consider and adopt a resolution to guide the implementation of the NA’s Resolution No. 35/2012/QH13 on the conduct of votes of confidence on holders of positions approved or elected by the NA or People’s Councils.

The committee members will comment on several draft laws, including the Law on National Defence and Security Education, the law on terrorism prevention and fight, the Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Law, the revised Law on Science and Technology, and the revised Land Law.

They will also debate decrees on fine arts activities, and regulations on national traditional days, and anniversary days.

On the first day of the session, committee members discussed the draft Law on National Defence and Security Education. They examined how to improve State agency and organisation staff’s knowledge on national defence and security as well as training in this aspect for managers of non-State agencies and businesses.

They also considered the inclusion of foreign organisations and individuals operating in Vietnam to the bill.

The draft law will continue to be amended before its submission to the National Assembly.-VNA