The National Assembly Standing Committee on Oct 6 gave opinions on the draft resolution on procedures and methods of conducting vote of confidence on persons holding positions elected or approved by the NA or People’s Councils.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung stressed the need to clarify the difference between the voting on confidence which will be conducted to measure people’s trust in an official, and the no-confidence motion.

A majority of the committee’s members agreed with the proposed stipulations that there will be four levels to assess the confidence in an official. Those who get more than 50 percent of votes as low-confidence for two consecutive years will have to undergo no-confidence motion at the National Assembly or People’s Council.

The drafting board will revise the plan before submitting it again to the NA for further examination.

The same day, the NA Standing Committee looked into the bill on the capital city, which is to be submitted to the up-coming NA session for approval.-VNA