The 13th National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee commenced its 35th session in Hanoi on February 25, evaluating a number of laws, including laws on electing deputies to the NA and the People’s Councils.

A national election council should be established once an election date is announced, and automatically disperse after the NA recognises the eligibility of the deputies to ensure the council operates effectively and economically, according to Phung Quoc Hien, Head of the NA Committee for Finance and Budget, and Truong Thi Mai, head of the NA Committee for Social Affairs, and other members of the standing committee.

The council could be reassembled if a supplementary deputy election is needed, they held.

NA Standing Committee members also asserted that the law should further clarify regulations on the functions, rights, responsibilities and organisation of the national election council, as well as its relations with local governments.

Meanwhile, they highlighted the need for more specific regulations on the ratio of females, ethnic minorities, youth and re-elected deputies.

Truong Thi Mai, Head of the NA Committee for Social Affairs, and Ksor Phuoc, Head of the NA Council of Ethnic Affairs, held that the minimum ratio should be clearly stated in the candidacy list.

NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung proposed that the ratio should be flexible, but that a secondary election is held if the ratio is below the minimum figure.

Legislators also discussed regulations on electoral campaigns, proposing alternatives to meeting with voters and using the mass media to ensure equality, publicity and transparency of the election.

During the session, the NA Standing Committee will also drafted opinions on a number of other laws, including the Law on Maritime-Island Resources and Environment, the revised Law on the State Budget and a draft Referendum Law.-VNA