The National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee will focus on a project to revise and improve the quality and efficiency of the NA operations at its first session, said NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung.

Addressing the session’s opening ceremony on August 22, NA Chairman Hung said the deputies will also evaluate the results of the 13th NA’s first session and contribute opinions to the preparation for the second NA session.

The NA Standing Committee will present opinions on the editing of draft laws on archives, complaints, denunciations and measurement, Hung added.

On the result of the 13th NA’s first session, a draft report confirmed that following the success of the elections, the first session had successfully considered and approved senior positions to the State apparatus, implemented legislative work, considered the implementation of socio-economic development plans and decided a number of other important issues.

Thanks to thorough preparations, the elections and ratification of specific positions was strictly carried out in a democratic manner in accordance with the Constitution and law whilst ensuring the Party’s leadership. The results, with a high support rate had reflected social consensus and received great support from the public opinions and voters nationwide.

The report emphasised the unceasing and thorough grasp of the leadership and instructions of the Party Central Committee, the Political Bureau, the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat and the NA Party Committee on the operations of the NA and its bodies in the legislative and supervisory work and making decisions on the country’s important issues.

It also laid stress on promoting close coordination between the NA and its bodies with the State President, the Government, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, in implementing assigned functions and tasks.

The NA’s resolutions adopted at the first session are being effectively implemented, focusing on the amendments and supplements to the 1992 Constitution with the aim of institutionalising the Platform for national construction in the transitional period toward socialism (amended and supplemented in 2011) and other Party documents, said the report.

NA deputies should maintain regular contacts with voters, listen to and reflects voters’ opinions and actively supervise the settlement of citizens’ petitions, complaints and denunciations.

It is proposed that the 13th NA second session would consider and approve six draft laws and one resolution, and give opinions on 13 other draft laws. The session will also discuss socio-economic issues, supervision and other important issues.

The deputies voiced their support for the contents of the report and the majority of them also agreed to implement a scheme to revise and improve the quality and efficiency of the NA operations.

This is an important task that needs steady steps, said Vice NA Chairman Huynh Ngoc Son.
Head of the NA Committee for Social Affairs Truong Thi Mai shared other deputies’ opinions, saying that the provision of sufficient and updated information to NA deputies is one of the conditions to ensure reform of the NA’s operation.

The NA deputies gave opinions on the establishment of the Project Building Steering Committee, the renewal of the organisation and activities of the NA at its sessions, the operation of NA agencies and deputies.
NA Chairman Hung asked relevant agencies to seriously study the deputies’ opinions and revise the report on the 13th NA’s first session as well as make thorough preparations for draft laws to be put forward at the 2nd session.
He emphasised the necessity for NA deputies to keep regular contact with voters and pay regular visits to people to fulfil their role of people’s representatives./.