The 13th National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee will convene its 37th session in Hanoi on April 6, during which a report on outcomes of the freshly concluded 132nd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132) will be revealed.

Besides a report on outcomes of the IPU-132, another report will be delivered by the Supreme People’s Court to reveal the specifics on charges of false accusation in the application of penal and criminal procedure regulations as well as compensation for wrongly accused people.

Committee members are scheduled to give opinions on the draft revised Penal Code, the draft revised Criminal Procedure Code, the draft Law on Information Security, the draft Law on Charges and Fees, and the draft Law amending and supplementing articles of the Vietnam Maritime Code.

They are set to give feedback on draft reports on potential adjustments to the revised Law on the State Budget, the revised Law on the Organisation of the Government, the Law on Local Government Organisation, and the Law on the Election of the National Assembly and People’s Council deputies.

The NA Standing Committee’s 37th session will run through April 10.

The 36th session took place from March 9-17.-VNA