It is a must for the National Assembly (NA) to improve the professionalism in its operations during the next term, along with increasing the number of full-time deputies, said the Party chief.

Party General Secretary and NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong delivered this statement while meeting with voters in the capital city of Hanoi on April 9.

Trong said the supreme supervision operations were considered the most outstanding success of the 12 th NA, which witnessed remarkable improvements and renovations in overseeing, questioning and answering work. However, the accomplishment of promises by deputies failed to meet voters’ expectations, he noted.

The leader also stressed that during the past tenure, the parliament clearly showed its firmness, brainpower and responsibility in making decisions on the country’s important issues.

At the meeting, voters put forward recommendations regarding measures on curbing inflation, stabilising the macro-economy, ensuring social stability, and dealing with environmental pollution as well as management and use of land.

Many of them showed keen interest in the recently-discussed Law on the Capital City, saying that the law should be promulgated soon to facilitate Hanoi’s development to be on a par with its counterparts in other countries./.