Lenger Seafoods Vietnam has shipped its first container of 22 tonnes of oyster grown in Nam Dinh province to Italy, ushering in a new opportunity for local breeders.

At the factory of the Lenger Seafoods Vietnam, a member of Lenger Seafoods from the Netherlands, oysters are processed in a complete hi-tech production line to ensure they stay fresh when they reach consumers in the European market.

With a capacity of up to 300 tonnes of oyster per day, the company is expected to export 10 containers of frozen oyster to Europe in June.

For years, oysters grown in Nam Dinh province have mainly served the domestic market and have been export to China via border gates. To expand the export to choosy European market, materials input is one of the key factors apart from production chain.

Nam Dinh province is building and completing a chain of production, processing and consumption of bivalve mollusk and providing farmers with guidance on how to ensure sustainable aquaculture and hygienic safety.

Since 2004, Nam Dinh has set up areas to control and supervise food hygiene and safety in accordance with European standards.

Nam Dinh is one of the three localities in the north to meet biological standards to grow and produce oysters in line with European standards. The export of the first container of oysters to Europe is paving the way for the sustainable development of aquaculture products.-VNA​