In the first weeks of this month, hundreds of websites with the domain name of "vn" have been the subject of cyber attacks throughout Vietnam.

The attacks include many on politically related websites with the domain name of "," including, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and, the portal of the capital city's Cau Giay district.

This has led the Ministry of Information and Communications, on behalf of the Government, to order all State authorities to take steps to improve the security of their electronic portals.

Two of the most common types of attack include "defacement", a type of computerised vandalism that changes the visual appearance of a site.

Another approach by the destructive hackers is to prevent users from accessing their computer sources. This is called denial-of-service-attack (DDoS).

On June 6 alone, more than 200 websites reported denial of service.

Preventative measures include regular virus scans, changing network administration user-names and passwords – and using firewalls.

In addition, if web hosting services are available at all times, they can support customers whenever breakdowns occur.

The ministry has ordered the supervision and enhancement of all technical operations for State systems to detect signs of attack.

It has also called on relevant authorities to submit reports on network security for the whole year to date so that it can get on top of the situation./.