Right after the outbreak of COVID-19 began in Wuhan, China, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam issued the first announcements to update the epidemic situation in China and preventive measures against the disease.

First cases of the acute respiratory disease caused by a new strain of coronavirus have been recorded in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. As of January 13, 2020, 59 cases have been confirmed.

Currently, Vietnam has not recorded any cases of the disease, but the risk of the disease spreading into Vietnam is entirely possible because the country has a great deal of trade and tourism exchanges with China.

On January 23, Vietnam recorded the first two cases of Covid-19. They are a Chinese man and his son who entered Vietnam from Wuhan on January 13.

Immediately, Vietnam has implemented drastic measures to control the disease.

That are,

- Identification, proactive prevention and control in advance

- Preparing plans and facilities in advance

- Detection, action, and handling in advance


- Timely prevention, isolation, treatment on the spot

- Required facilities, equipment, medicine, protective equipment on the spot

- Necessary funding on the spot

- Supportive human resources on the spot

With the motto "Prevention is better than cure" and "Putting human life and national interests above everything else", Vietnam determines to uphold preventive measures, even "to sacrifice short-term economic gain to protect public health”.

By strictly implementing the Prime Minister's direction of "tightening quarantine on arrivals while stamping out the epidemic inside the country", Vietnam has contained the epidemic.

No new infections of Covid-19 in the community during more than 20 days in a row

Increasing number of recovered

And no deaths out of nearly 300 cases in total

This achievement is thanks to significant contributions of the medical workers on the frontline of Covid-19.

Experiencing continuous months on the frontline of Covid-19, they do not mind difficulties but struggling with the epidemic to regain life for patients who are on the verge of "death".

Dr Tran Thi Hai Ninh - Head of Department of General Internal Medicine

National Hospital of Tropical Diseases

Actually, what I and all doctors desire the most is the epidemic ends so that we can go home. Because it has been a long time since I met with my children.

That is thanks to the ultimate sacrifice of the Vietnamese People's Army soldiers.

To accommodate people who have to be quarantined, the soldiers have given up their shelters.

Nguyen Van Hung

Sam Son, Thanh Hoa

I’m really touched. I was covered in warm blankets while the soldiers were outside in the rain. It is true that only the Vietnamese People's Army soldiers have such sentiment.

Major Ta Thi Nhung

Vinh Phuc provincial Military Command

We also feel homesick. Some our comrades have children with 2-3 years of age. But we encourage each other to fulfill assigned tasks.

The unanimity of the people is a key to ensure Vietnam’s success against Covid-19.


That is the compliance with preventive measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

That is the observance of the Prime Minister’s regulations on social distancing.

Above all, a united nation with a determination to effectively implement the Party and State’s policies and the Government’s guidelines on the disease preventive measures is a secret to Vietnam Covid- 19 response success./.