Deputies to the 13th National Assembly’s sixth session voted for the draft revised Land Law with 89.96 percent in favor on November 29 morning.

Before getting the deputies’ approval, the draft revised Land Law has been put out to many conferences and seminars for commenting and has gathered nearly 7 million pieces of feedback from the public.

Chairing the morning session, NA Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan noted that the Land Law (revised) has immense effects on land users as well as the national economic development and the entire society.

The adopted revised Land Law has 14 chapters and 212 articles.

It is supplemented with a number of cases on reclaiming land for defence and security purposes and the clearer jurisdiction authorised to reclaim land.

It has additional regulations specifying compensation for non-agricultural land owned by residential communities and religious establishments.

Regarding the price frame for land, the revised law has new regulations on the participation of a land pricing consultancy agency in the land pricing appraisal council to ensure fairness in determining land prices.

The new law makes clearer market-ruled land relations towards abolishing the State monopoly in managing and using land.

It has regulations to encourage people’s greater involvement in outlining and implementing land use plans as well as plans on compensation, support and resettlement to make it transparent in land management and use.-VNA