The 13 th National Assembly concluded its fifth sitting in Hanoi on June 21.

Addressing the closing ceremony, NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung praised the Government, branches, agencies, the business community and the whole population for their determination to obtain significant achievements despite domestic and global economic turmoil.

He urged the effective implementation of the Master Plan on Economic Restructuring in the remaining months of the year and the fulfilment of essential targets of the 2013 socio-economic development plan, creating the best prospects for the socio-economic development plan during the 2011-2016 period.

The legislative leader praised and thanked people both at home and abroad for their response and opinions to the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution.

At the session, deputies discussed the contents of the revised Constitution, especially issues regarding the nature of the State and the political system, people’s right to mastery, human rights and rights in association with citizen obligations, he said.

Chairman Hung required the Committee for Drafting Amendments to the 1992 Constitution, relevant agencies and organisations to strictly study and acquire deputies’ ideas while continuing to collect public feedback until September 30, 2013, to finalise the draft revised Constitution, which will be submitted to the NA for approval at the sixth session.

During the session, the legislature conducted the first-ever vote of confidence to assess the performance of officials it elected or approved.

The vote took place in a democratic, open and transparent manner, he said, noting that its outcomes reflect the country’s socio-economic development, national defence, security, foreign relations and judicial activities.

On the last working day on June 21, the legislative body approved a number of resolutions, including a resolution on inspection outcomes over the implementation of the Law on Thrift Practice and Wastefulness Prevention in using Government bonds for infrastructure construction in the 2006-2012 period and a resolution on the NA hearings.

The fifth session saw the discussion and approval of many important contents in the fields of legislature and supervision, and decisions on many significant issues.

Its success has contributed to affirming the Party and State’s resolve in curbing inflation, stabilising the macro-economy, ensuring social welfare, maintaining political stability and reasonable growth, and creating momentum for growth in the years to come.-VNA