According to the National Election Council, across the country, election teams simultaneously conducted elections in accordance with official procedures.

The voting time is from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. At polling stations, the opening ceremonies take place solemnly and neatly to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic and are unanimously responded to by voters.

According to local reports, the weather conditions at the polling stations are favorable. Communication is kept smooth and uninterrupted during election time.

At polling stations, units in charge of security and social safety on election day are on duty 24/24. The situation of political security and social safety so far has not had any unusual problems.

Material and technical conditions for election day in localities are fully and thoughtfully prepared such as ballots, documents, forms, seals, publications, and other equipment. Polling stations are located in central areas, creating favorable conditions for people to vote.

At the polling stations, the rules and regulations of the polling place, the list of voters, the list of candidates, the brief biographies of the candidates are posted for convenient consideration and selection by voters. Voting booths are properly decorated.

In Hanoi, until 16:30, the number of voters reaches 92,29%; in which Dong Da district achieved the highest percentage of voters (98,28%); Me Linh district has the lowest amount (84,33%). The city has 829 polling stations with 100% of voters on the voting list going to vote; 23 communes, wards, and townships have 100% voter turnout.

Up to now, no situation has arisen during the election process in Hanoi. The traffic, communication, and weather conditions are all favorable. Measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic at the polling stations are guaranteed according to regulations. The situation of political security and social order and safety during the election process and election day are guaranteed to be safe./.