The National Assembly's Standing Committee on June 30 approved a draft ordinance on the management and use of weapons, explosives and supporting devices.

The move was made at the final meeting of the 41st session of the committee.

After it takes effect, all individuals and organisations not allowed to own or use weapons, explosives and supporting devices have to declare them and hand them over to authorities.

The NA's National Defence and Security Committee presented the draft ordinance in six chapters and 38 articles.

The draft regulates the scope of the amendment, user responsibilities, weapons management and licences for military weapons.

It refers to sports weapon users, weapon production and the repair sector - and regulations on managing and using explosive material.

The draft focuses on weapons, explosives and supporting devices used in law enforcement, said chairman of the committee Le Quang Binh.

"In principle, those who are given these instruments should have rights that are closely linked to their obligations and responsibilities," Binh said.

He also said heavy and modern weapons managed by the Ministry of National Defence should not be covered in the ordinance.

The draft makers also asked the NA Standing Committee to prohibit individuals from owning weapons and the Government would supply a list of prohibited weapons, Binh said.

According to the draft, the ministers of National Defence and Public Security are authorised to license, revoke, and suspend the licensing of transport for industrial explosives./.