The national conference on implementing the Resolution of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC)’s fourth session on urgent issues in Party building, closed in Hanoi after three days of sitting.

During the event, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong gave guidance on the CPVCC Resolution and the Politburo’s instruction.

The Party chief praised participants’ serious working attitude and high responsibility. They reached high consensus on the necessity, purposes, and significance of the Resolution and focused on how to implement the Resolution well and bring it into life.

The participants have clarified key contents and synchronous measures, and at the same time affirmed the determination to implement the resolution.

During the conference, numerous officials, Party members and people, through media and public opinion, expressed their concurrence, belief and expectations in the determination to build and strengthen the Party, especially fighting the degradation in political ideology and morals of a number of officials, Party members, even some senior officials, as well as overcoming inadequacies in personnel work and in the implementation of the regulation of criticism and self-criticism.

The General Secretary analysed issues that needed full and deep knowledge in order to effectively implement the CPVCC resolution.

Firstly, he said, information dissemination and thorough studying of the resolution’s spirit and content need to be implemented strictly, drastically and strongly step by step, and were not to be hurried.

Secondly, criticism and self-criticism are extremely important. The General Secretary stressed that leaders must play an exemplary role in criticism and self-criticism, and the process must be regular, done from high positions downwards and not be cut into pieces.

Thirdly, the Party and State need to pay more attention to personnel work with an objective and scientific mechanism to select a line-up of officials with good morals and talent to meet the requirements in the new period. Besides, it is necessary to have a suitable treatment policy for officials so that they can work with all their minds to serve the nation.

General Secretary Trong affirmed high determination in implementing the resolution, stressing that it will be carried out firmly and effectively, step by step./.