A ceremony to commemorate the 750 th death anniversary of Tran Thu Do, a Vietnamese hero during the Tran dynasty, took place at Luu Pho temple, the northern province of Nam Dinh on August 2.

Tran Thu Do (1194 – 1264) was a general and leader of the Tran clan during the reign of Ly Hue Tong and Ly Chieu Hoang in the kingdom of Dai Viet , a historical Vietnamese polity centred in the area of modern Hanoi.

After the coronation of Tran Canh, or Tran Thai Tong, the first king of the Tran dynasty, Do was appointed as grand chancellor and regent of the Emperor. As the most powerful figure of the Tran royal court and the royal family, he was responsible for both civil and military matters in Dai Viet.

His successful governance was considered by historical books as crucial to the stability of the early Tran period but also to the victory of Dai Viet over the first Mongol invasion.

The Tran dynasty ruled Dai Viet (now Vietnam ) between 1225 and 1400. It is well-known for defeating three Mongol invasions, notably the decisive Battle of Bach Dang River in 1288.

Recognised as a national relic site, Luu Pho temple is dedicated to the grand chancellor and his wife, Lady Tran Thi Dung, who was entitled as “ Linh Tu quoc mau ” (Mother of the Nation), and some of his relatives.-VNA