Dam Pagoda is located in the Dam mountain rain in Nam Son Commune, Que Vo Distric, Bac Ninh. The pagoda has the pen-name as ‘ Đại Lâm Pagoda’, but it is called as many names by the common people as: Dam pagoda, Ba Tam Pagoda, Tram Gian Pagoda, Cao Pagoda and it has been made history and transmitted orally by common people as the Great famous pagoda in Ly Dynasty.

Nam Son Area has the Dam mountain rain( pen-name as Đại Lãm sơn) emerging among fields, ponds, rivers, canal, banks like perfect natural picture.

The pagoda in Ly dynasty has only ruins and some relics left behind. But the remaining in the material cultural heritage scale of foundation and base, dragon curved stone post, brick, tile, stone, foot of the pier… confirming that Dam pagoda is the center of Buddhism and great pagoda in Ly dynasty.

This was the pagoda with large scale architecture, with four base layers clinging to the slope of Dam mountain, base layers are covered by large stone to prevent the erosion./.