Heath Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien has asked medical stations nationwide to continue carrying out comprehensive inspection of local vaccination sites to ensure injection safety and child immunisation rates.

She stressed that the ministry will take more drastic measures on the work in the time ahead by setting up two inspection teams to scrutinise the utilization of vaccines and biological products in six provinces and cities across the country.

Accordingly, medical institutions are requested to make a list of all vaccination sites in their area and carry out inspection focusing on the infrastructure and vaccine preservation.

The findings will be used to set up plans to promptly solve the shortcomings in the injection process.

The National Institute for Verification of Vaccine and Biological Products is tasked to take random vaccine samples for testing to strictly ensure their safety.

The use of Quinvaxem vaccine will resume next month after a five-month suspension following the death of nine children who received the vaccine this year.

Findings failed to provide evidence that the deaths were related to the quality of the vaccine.

A total of 380,000 children will monthly receive the vaccine that has been used in the country since 2010, according to the Ministry of Health’s Department of Preventive Medicine.-VNA