According to the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Health (MOH), by the end of April 20, nearly 1 million Vietnamese had vaccine passports.

Only 6 days after the MOH began verifying the results of vaccination against the COVID-19 disease, the number of people with confirmed vaccine passports on Health Book and PC-COVID applications has doubled.

The validity of those electronic vaccine passports is 12 months from the date of issue. This is a technical solution to ensure information safety and security. When a vaccine passport expires, the system will automatically generate a new QR code.

An electronic vaccine passport is an electronic certificate of COVID-19 vaccination issued to people by the MOH, using standards set by the World Health Organization and the European Union.

People who have been vaccinated and correctly declared their information and have been entered by vaccination facilities into the national vaccination system as well as correctly verified the information with the National Database of Population will be issued vaccine passports without having to perform any further procedures. This process is done by vaccination facilities.

Therefore, people who have not been issued a vaccine passport due to missing information or providing incorrect information should contact the vaccination facility to edit or update their information on the COVID-19 vaccination portal at the address:

In addition, people can call the hotline 19009095 of MOH to declare their situations or get advice on issues related to vaccine passports./.