Nearly 300 DPRK overstayers surrender to Malaysian authorities hinh anh 1Malaysian police guard in front of the DPRK Embassy in Kuala Lumpur (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – Malaysia’s Immigration Department has reported that a total of 296 Democratic People Republic of Korea (DPRK) nationals who overstayed in Sarawak state have surrendered to authorities.

Of those, 113 people had expired work permits while 183 others held expired social visit passes, Director of the Immigration Department Mustafar Ali said on April 18.

In fact, the number of DPRK citizens whose work permits were expired was 117, he said, adding that four other people who have not presented themselves due to different reasons will be soon handed over to the Immigration Department.

Previously, the department told employers of DPRK workers with expired work permits to have one week since April 11 to hand their employees over to the authorities.

According to Mustafar, some of the 296 overstayers have already left the country while the rest will be deported in stages. They will be fined 300 MYR (69 USD) for overstaying and pay 100 MYR for flight tickets.-VNA