Nearly 33 percent of international visitors to Vietnam were returning visitors, announced the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on May 15 in Hanoi.

The findings were part of a survey conducted among 13,980 foreigners and Vietnamese expatriates in October and November of 2014, revealing 67 percent of the surveyed tourists were visiting Vietnam for the first time and about 33 percent were returning travellers.

The VNAT also surveyed average consumption, visitor satisfaction and length of stay.

Each Australian and New Zealand traveller spent about 1,667 USD on their typically long stays in Vietnam, becoming the biggest spenders in the country. Although Asian customers had shorter average visits to Vietnam, they splashed out 126.4 USD per day, the top amount spent daily. European holiday-makers only cashed out around 97.8 USD per day.

Accordingly, Asia is still a key market for the Vietnamese tourism sector.

Most visitors felt satisfied with their trips to Vietnam.

VNAT General Director Nguyen Van Tuan said that the survey is a practical activity to identify tourism targets to fulfil the international visitor objectives as recommended by the World Tourism Organisation.-VNA