Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung met Prof. Cees Veerman, advisor to the Vietnamese Prime Minister on climate change, flood control and water resource management, in The Hague on Sept. 29 during his official visit to the Netherlands.

Vietnam considers climate change resilience as the country’s vital issue and mobilises resources from all of society for implementation of solutions, said PM Dung, adding that Vietnam is very interested in the way the Netherlands has managed water resources and flood control.

He thanked Prof. Cees Veerman and his associates in helping Vietnam to build the Mekong Delta Master Plan and asked the professor to continue coordinating and checking data and to formulate solutions in the context of water resource security issues facing Vietnam as a series of hydropower projects are being planned on the Mekong River .

The PM also asked the professor and his associates to propose the Government of the Netherlands support part of the expense for building the plan in Vietnam .

Prof. Cees Veerman said that the Dutch had sent experts to Vietnam to coordinate research on coping with climate change in the Mekong Delta and a meeting will be convened in Vietnam in November to gather reports to submit to the Prime Minister later this year.

With soil similarity between the Mekong Delta and the Netherlands , the European country wants to share experience and transfer advanced technology and solutions on water resource management to Vietnam , he said.

He affirmed his intention to cooperate with relevant Vietnamese agencies to build a vision for the sustainable development of the Mekong Delta during the next 100 years.

Prof. Cees Veerman, former agriculture minister of the Netherlands , is interested in assisting Vietnam to deal with issues impacted by climate change. He accepted the invitation to become head of the advisory group on climate change for the Prime Minister.

Also the same day, PM Dung met with Speaker of the House of Representatives Gerdi Verbeet and the Vice President of Senate of the Netherlands. /.