A new calendar of 2015 will carry images that depict the life and glorious career of the legendary Vo Nguyen Giap.

A product of the An Hao Company, the calendar will feature 365 images, one for each day of the year.

According to Prof Quach Thu Nguyet, who was the content consultant for the product, the calendar has been designed like a photo book.

The selected photos focus on the following topics: homeland and family; devotion to the country; the south's liberation and the country's reunification; contribution to the reconstruction of Vietnam; with international friends; and living forever in the heart of the people.

Each photo is accompanied by a detailed caption, which helps the people learn about the life of General Giap who passed away last October at the age of 103.

About 20,000 copies of the 25cm-by-35cm calendar will be released for sale at the end of this year.-VNA