Autumn is said to be the most beautiful season of the year in Hanoi. For the first time, a review writing course is conducted to help participants articulate their experience and feelings about the season.


Everyone has their own ways of enjoying Autumn in Hanoi. Some go for a walk in the milder climate and sunshine. Others prefer to drink tea in a quiet café corner, or indulge in seasonal food.

We can contemplate the Autumn scenes and hear the sounds of the natural surroundings this time of year, even tasting and feeling seasonal delights. However, it is not always easy to write about these experiences.

As such, a course on writing reviews for Autumn feelings in Hanoi teaches you how to do so. During the course, participants were asked to write reviews for drinks, movies, food, or a place. Their 30 writings were published on different websites.

The course was hosted by Bui Dung, a journalist and author. Dung sees the need to train up writers who are able to give appraisals of films, music, books, food, tourism sites, and others. Well-written reviews have become a new marketing tool.

The course runs from Wednesdays to Sundays in Hanoi with half of the session spent outdoors. The first course saw 10 participants, mostly from Ho Chi Minh City and Nghe An province. –VNA