A new damselfly species, Matrona taoi Phan & Hämäläinen, has recently been found at Xuan Son National Park in the midland province of Phu Tho by Vietnamese and Dutch scientists.

The finding was announced in the June 2011 issue of Zootaxa, a mega-journal for zoological taxonomists in the world.

This species has been named after reptile researcher Nguyen Thien Tao in recognition of his assistance to the finders of the new species.

The Matrona taoi has large dark red wings. The male’s thorax and abdomen are iridescent blue, while the female’s are reddish brown.

However, the male Matrona taoi has transparent wingtips. The front wings of the female Matrona taoi are transpicuous and two-thirds of the outline of the rear wings are dark red, and are more transparent at the end of the wings.

This is the 18th species of damselfly found in Vietnam . Damselflies are similar to dragonflies, but the adults can be differentiated by the fact that the wings of most damselflies are held parallel to the body when at rest./.