A newly-devised decree provides a spate of basic policies supporting the strong development of modern off-shore fishing methods to raise incomes for fishermen, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Van Ninh has said.

In his interview granted to the press before Decree 67 takes effect on August 25, the Deputy PM highlighted the important features of the decree in comparison with those on seafood issued previously.

According to Ninh, the decree provides a full, systematic and synchronous set of basic policies to encourage fishermen build high-capacity, iron-covered ships capable of fishing offshore, a practice that could earn fishermen higher incomes, and at the same time contribute to protecting the country’s territorial waters.

It also gives priority to the building of fishery logistics vessels, which are considered a basic factor for the effective operation of offshore catching fleets.

The credit policy for fishermen is based on commercial credit relations, meaning that fishermen have to work with commercial banks on their needed loans and the State only gives support in interest rate and loan limit, he said.

For those who borrow money to build ships, especially iron-covered ones, the decree regulates a preferential interest rate of 1-3 percent per year, the lowest level at present, for 11-year loans. Loan limit also stands high, about 70-95 percent of the newly-built ship value.

The Deputy PM said Decree 67 has been built carefully basing on fishermen’s opinions, field surveys, and lessons drawn from the implementation of previous decrees.

Relevant ministries and agencies have issued guidance documents to ensure the decree will come into life as soon as possible.

Ninh expressed his hope that the decree will prove effective in reality, creating a breakthrough in the country’s seafood development.

He added that the Government will review the implementation of the decree in late 2016 to draw experience for the next years.-VNA