The Marine Police Department has been renamed the High Command of Marine Police under a decree issued by the Prime Minister on August 27.

Decree No. 96/2013/ND-CP amends and supplements Decree No. 86/2009/ND-CP, dated October 19, 2009, which guides the implementation of several articles of the Ordinance on the Vietnam Marine Police.

Accordingly, the post of Head of the Marine Police Department will also be changed to Marine Police Commander.

The new decree states that Vietnam’s marine police is a specialised force of the State which operates in line with Vietnamese law on the basis of respect for and observance of international treaties in which Vietnam is a member.

The Defence Minister, who is responsible to the Prime Minister and the National Assembly for State management over the force, will directly steers activities of the marine police.

The Prime Minister will appoint the Commander, Political Commissar, Vice Commanders, and Vice Political Commissar at the proposal of the Defence Minister.

The new decree will come into effect from October 12 this year.-VNA