Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc was advised by the Government Inspector General during a working session on Sept. 20 that, after 70,000 inspections in the first eight months of this year, his staff had found illegal acts involving more than 4.5 trillion VND (216 million USD) and 1,972 ha of land.

Huynh Phong Tranh proposed taking back nearly 1.5 trillion VND (72 million USD) of the amount stolen and more than 1,937 ha of land.

He also suggested that administrative punishment be handed out to more than 196,000 units and individuals and that they be fined a total of 1.36 trillion VND (65.2 million USD).

Government inspectors dealt with 78 complaints and denouncements while relevant agencies throughout the nation dealt with more than 31,000.

Phuc urged inspectors to take the lead in fighting corruption and dealing with people's complaints and the information they supplied about corrupt officials.

The Deputy PM said inspectors should focus on implementing the amended inspection law and increase the role of inspectors in preventing and fighting corruption in line with the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

He added that inspectors should carry out their tasks promptly.

Phuc said that next year, the Government Inspectorate must outline what it hoped to achieve and present it to the Prime Minister.

He advised against any overlapping between relevant ministries and agencies and, in particular, search for corruption involving land and mineral resources.

Inspectors should also work with agencies to make sure units and individuals subject to criticism abide by the conclusions of the Inspectorate./.